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 September 2018 

Daily awards for Sep 23 2018

mn *Z*eintag | [H]akkai ! has the highest skill with 2823.29

Player with the highest skill

mn [AHMAD] Oroolon. has killed the most players (531)

Player with the most kills (any team)

mn [AHMAD] Oroolon. achieved the most bonus points (336)

Player that has achieved the most bonus points.

jp [C][0][X][0][P][H][0][M][U][H] has commited suicide the most (5)

Players with nothing to live for

jp [C][0][X][0][P][H][0][M][U][H] has killed the most teammates (53)

Player with the most friendly fire kills (ie: Worst Teammate)

mn ~AKeLA./a/ has the highest team kill percentage (100.00%)

Player with the highest team kill percentage.

mn [AHMAD] Oroolon. has been online the longest (18:57:30)

Player with the most online time

de GGNB has the best demolition percentage of 100.00%

Players with the highest percentage of spawning with and planting the bomb and actually having it explode.

de [AvengerS] MaNU has the most successful bombings (18 bombs)

Players with the most successful bombed targets